Encouraging Lifelong Partnerships

Education initiatives are the cornerstone of our Off The Track program. Horses, by sheer nature, are best assured of a stable and happy lifetime by being well-handled, well-trained, and well-understood.

A commitment to welfare doesn’t begin and end with educating the horse, however.

Our Off The Track strategy is not to simply retrain and on-sell individual horses, but rather to create a ripple effect of reform. We equip people with the skills to build a solid and enduring partnership with their horse themselves; skills that they can carry forward to benefit others.

A Lifetime of Support

Off The Track welcomes any horse that has been bred for racing, regardless of whether or not it has raced.

Off The Track membership provides access to a training and coaching clinic program that is both consistent and diverse, designed to achieve meaningful results with horses of varying type, scope and purpose.

Because we recognize that good homes, just like good horses, come in many different forms.

Horses Helping Horses

Off The Track hosts regular social rides, and not only because they’re fun! These rides are also about integrative education, with seasoned trail horses helping ex-racehorses adjust to pleasure riding.

With this our core purpose, the environment is carefully selected, the company is understanding, and a trainer and lead pony are always on standby.

Multiple rides are hosted throughout the day. So, whether you’re looking for a confidence-building experience or craving a challenge, you can find it out on the trail.

Horses Helping Humans TM

The Horses Helping Humans (HHH) program uses horsemanship skills to show how your personality type can influence body language and energy projection, which in turn affects everyday interactions and relationships with both horses and humans.

Developing your emotional regulation and spatial awareness can help to build mutual confidence and respect between horse and human, which carries forward into improved safety and performance across all equestrian disciplines and related activities.

Off The Track offers HHH clinic opportunities for individuals and groups. You don’t need a horse of your own to become a member and take part.

COMING SOON Looking Beyond the Finish Line

Off The Track supports the efforts of racing industry participants to school and cross-train their racehorses in preparation for life after racing.

On-track arena facilities and tailored training sessions are available to any industry participant wanting to set their racehorse up for success in its second career.

Once retired and deregistered, horses that have demonstrated the minimum standards of training at Preparation Clinics may be eligible for re-education and rehoming assistance through the Off The Track program.

Minimum standards include: tying up without pulling back; standing still to be mounted; float loading and unloading; yielding to pressure; leading quietly in hand; walking, trotting, cantering and halting on left and right rein (under saddle or on lunge).

This Off The Track initiative for industry participants is funded by a percentage of prize money allocated to racehorse welfare.