COMING SOON Providing a Superannuation Scheme

Is your racehorse ready for a career change?

Off The Track offers up to twelve weeks of post-racing spelling, re-education and rehoming assistance to industry participants, through our partner farms located in the north and south.

Upon arrival, your horse is assessed and profiled for advertisement in Horse Deals magazine and online, before turning out to spell.

Re-education begins when there is an expression of interest in your horse. The prospective new owner’s involvement in this process is compulsory, as is ongoing education following transfer of ownership.

• Your horse must be in good health and body condition, with up-to-date farriery, dentistry, worming and vaccination, at the time of presentation.
• If there is an asking price on your horse, it must be specific and firm; Off The Track does not enter into any sales negotiations on your behalf.
• You retain ownership of your horse until it is placed with a new owner; Off The Track does not assume ownership of your horse.
• Transport arrangements, veterinary expenses, and provision of appropriate rugs remain your responsibility as owner until your horse is placed with a new owner.
• If your horse is not placed with a new owner within twelve weeks, you resume full responsibility for the horse, including return transport arrangements.

This Off The Track initiative for industry participants is funded by a percentage of prize money allocated to racehorse welfare.

COMING SOON Fostering New Partnerships

Are you looking for an Off The Track horse of your own?

Off The Track advertises in Horse Deals as horses become available after racing. These horses can be viewed at our partner farms in the north and south.

If you’re interested in a horse, you must complete a series of training sessions together at the farm. If considered a suitable match, you may then take ownership of the horse.

Off The Track membership is a prerequisite to sourcing a horse through the program, and subsequent educational clinics must be attended with any horse that is sourced through the program.

These pre-screening and follow-up support measures provide reassurance to racehorse owners and trainers. Because we all want to see horses enjoy good lives in good homes after racing.

Leveling the Playing Field

Off The Track also offers two reimbursement packages to ensure that horses leaving our racing industry are not disadvantaged by their sporting or geographic origins as they seek new careers and homes.

Fit and sound: Have you found a recently retired racehorse that you’d like to re-educate for equestrian purposes? As an Off The Track member, you’re eligible for reimbursement of the cost of a post-racing veterinary pre-purchase examination.

Spirit Fund: Have you found an interstate equestrian home for an ex-racehorse that you’ve re-educated? As an Off The Track member, you’re eligible for reimbursement of transport costs to the mainland.