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Announcement regarding Tasracing Off the Track (OTT) clinics

As noted in a Tasracing media release issued on 4 November, a review of all industry welfare initiatives commenced with the appointment of a new Tasracing Animal Welfare Manager, Belinda Lewis With this in mind, a review of the Tasracing Off the Track program is underway. As a result, there will be no clinics scheduled in January, but all December clinics will run as already scheduled. It is anticipated that the 2020 Off the Track program will commence mid-February. If you would like to discuss the Off the Track program, please contact Belinda on telephone (03) 6212 9311 or

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Off The Track Tasmania is committed to improving the welfare of ex-racing thoroughbreds and standardbreds though foresighted, inclusive and proactive initiatives.

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We don't simply facilitate the retraining of horses for the equestrian market.

At Off The Track Tasmania, we also offer educational support to horse owners at every stage of the lifelong journey.

We don't simply facilitate the movement of horses out of the racing industry.

At Off The Track Tasmania, we also offer insight and input into the welfare of horses beyond their first post-racing home.

We don't simply facilitate the promotion of top-tier horses excelling in their second careers.

At Off The Track Tasmania, we also offer practical intervention relevant across the spectrum of race-bred horses.