Kristin Pitt

Kristin Pitt was a successful Eventing competitor in her younger days, then settled into Dressage and moved into judging for some years.

Kristin has been an Equestrian Australia Accredited Coach since 2005 and has been with the Tasracing OTT program since 2020.

“I receive great satisfaction in being part of the process of re-educating racehorses to pleasure horses and teaching riders how to do this.”


  1. Ground work and learning effective communication on the ground
  2. Feeding and caring for the x racehorse including hoof care
  3. Floating Education
  4. Understanding how a horse learns and applying it
  5. Rider balance and how it affects the horse
  6. Effective aids and the timing of aids
  7. Learning and developing Suppleness in the horse, suitable training and expectations
  8. Pole work and Jump training
  9. What to do when things go wrong
  10. Long-term planning and training for keeping your horse interested and keen and sound