Philippa ‘Pip’ Godfrey

Pip Godfrey has been riding most of her life, from childhood riding on trails and in the bush.  Her competition focus was mainly Eventing and she was on the National Eventing Talent Search Squad with her first OTT TB ‘Beaugeste’ for two years. She successfully competed at State Championships in Eventing, Show Jumping, Dressage and Show Horse.
Pip has been an Equestrian Australia Accredited Coach since 2017. She has worked with the Tasracing OTT program since 2018.

“I am passionate about the re-education of racehorses.  I focus on giving people realistic expectations and the tools to help them transition their horse from racing to pleasure or competition safely, and to give each horse the best opportunity to succeed long term.”


  1. Transitioning the ex-racehorse from a racing stable environment to a home environment
  2. Checklist of what to do when you first bring your OTT home from feeding, farrier, worming, bodywork, vet work etc to help keep a sound and happy horse
  3. What to do when things don’t go to plan in our training
  4. Groundwork, lunging and float training
  5. Teaching riders how horses learn.  How to give clear and effective aids through pressure and release to minimize confusion to the horse. How our balance and aids affect the horse
  6. Tools to help with straightness, balance and suppleness for an ex-race horse
  7. Gymnastic pole exercises to help with strength and balance
  8. Jump training
  9. I am happy to ride other people’s horses in lessons to help demonstrate
  10. Realistic time frames and expectations of the OTT horse, including long-term goals