Sue McDermott

As well as being an EA Level 2 Dressage Coach and Coach Educator, Sue is an A Level Dressage judge, young horse judge, National show horse judge, and judge mentor.

She has ridden most of her life; eventing, show horse and showjumping as a younger person, and dressage in later years.
She has bred and raced thoroughbreds and worked in the racing industry for well-known trainer Robert Edward Hoystead when he trained Manikato. Her passion is for the Off The Track horses.

Sue has been a Tasracing OTT coach since 2018.

An OTT horse with its good temperament, trainability and correct coaching will transfer well from racing to performance horse.”


  1. Early training lays the foundation for the horse’s new job.  The Training Scale consists of:
  2. Rhythm
  3. Relaxation
  4. Contact
  5. Impulsion
  6. Straightness
  7. Collection

The first three are known as the confidence-building phase for any horse, and as OTT coaches this is where we work. Impulsion and straightness will come as a result.

The welfare outcomes are that the horse is both mentally and physically relaxed and will be healthier and sound.