Crystal Eclipse

Shared by Mel McCarthy

Crystal came into my life after my friend Rhonda Hall offered me the chance to consider taking on Crystal as a pony club mount for my daughter. Rhonda knew I needed a horse with a kind nature and the temperament to eventually be a great pony club mount.

After meeting Crystal,  I was so impressed with her temperament I had to have her. Our journey together started with groundwork and learning to be a family horse instead of a racehorse. Due to Crystal loving people and attention, this transition went perfectly.

Once Crystal had settled in and had progressed with her groundwork it was time to start to use my OTT lesson vouchers supplied by Tas Racing. As I hadn’t had a OTT horse in a number of years it was a fantastic opportunity to start our ridden partnership the right way.

After establishing and polishing the basics we moved on to dressage training with Kerrie Swan-Bates and our first visit to an indoor arena with mirrors. As expected in true Crystal style she handled the new experience really well.

Now a few months into our ridden relationship we have attended an adult rally at Monmouth Pony Club adult riders, a green horse day where Crystal blitzed the various obstacles I asked her to accept. I have also taken Crystal to the amazing Coal Valley Equestrian Centre, the beach and numerous bush rides which she absolutely loves. One of my favourite things to do with a young horse is to expose them to new things and keep variety in their life.

Crystal has regular bodywork sessions with a chiropractor and has Emmet and Bowen therapy sessions to keep her body feeling good. Now that we are further into our training journey I have broken the news to my daughter that I am keeping Crystal for myself. This news went better than I expected as she had been hoping to have my other OTT TB who has been in our family for a couple of years.

Crystal has movement to burn and the feedback on our future dressage career has been glowing, which is very exciting. I have been after my perfect match for a long time. My wish list of a mum-suitable, well-moving, trainable, sweet-natured horse has come true.

I am so excited for our future together as Crystal is only 4 years old.  I am so excited to share our lives together for many years into the future. Thoroughbreds are the best!! I rode OTTs in my teenage years at pony club and now I’m in my 40s and back enjoying this wonderful, versatile breed. I feel so lucky to be chosen to have my gem Crystal and provide her with a life after racing.