About Rough Road (Roughy)

Foal Date: 14/10/2015

Bay/Brown Gelding

Bred Grenville Stud

Raced JKB Racing, Longford

21 starts | Prize money $63,000

Last raced 5 September 2021 Devonport | Retired 1/8/2022

Roughy as he’s known at home, was bred by Grenville Stud and one of the last West Quest foals. He is a local Thoroughbred through and through.  While racing, Roughy was a quirky personality and a favourite of the track riders. He loved a cuddle and licking his grooms.

Elsie Lindsay was approached by JKB Racing to take Roughy once he retired. I have always had thoroughbreds and was looking for a project at the time so it just fell into place. Once spelled, he took to post-racing life like a duck to water.

The biggest contributor towards Roughy’s after-racing life is his easygoing nature. He’s so adaptable to new situations and takes everything in his stride. Roughy has been great around Elsie’s kids, giving pony rides to them and having them run around his legs with the dogs.   I’ve put a couple of Pony Club riders on him to coach, and my mum has been riding him. He’s always the same to ride no matter how much time he’s had off. He’s simply a cool, versatile dude.

His first competition was a Jumping day and he placed in his first class. There were none of the typical racehorse antics; he was totally cool, calm and collected.

His first Eventing experience was also a huge success, starting at Ev80 at Lilydale Horse Trials in December. This was his first time in a dressage arena, and we’d been able to school him on cross-country twice from memory. But he cruised around and won that event.

He recently won the ETAS Jumping Titles Young Horse Championship at 1.05m, besting a very competitive and experienced field. He has now completed his first CCN1* event at ETAS Eventing Championships going clear XC. For a young horse to climb the levels so quickly and easily is a testament to his character.  In saying that, he is still green and inexperienced, so I need to ensure he’s set up correctly for success.