Autumn progress – some fine tuning

This month I have made time to get Pringles out a bit more which has been great for her. We have been continuing with our flat work lessons – building strength and becoming so much straighter.  I have been really happy with her progress. We have been incorporating a lot more canter work this month as well. She is accepting the contact so much better in the walk and trot and swinging through her back which is great for her muscle development. To help with her suppleness in the canter, we have started to incorporate very shallow loops in the canter which has been working well.

At home, we have been incorporating walk, trot and canter poles as well as some small show jumps. It has been very exciting for me to feel Pringles be confident and powerful over the jumps and know that our flat work is paying off.

We have also been able to get out on cross country a couple of times. I am still keeping things small and simple to build Pringles confidence but so far she is proving to be bold and honest which will hopefully bode well for her Eventing future.

Halfway through this month, Pringles started to feel a bit tired and tight in the back end. I have been continuing her bodywork to keep on top of any ‘niggles’ with her increased workload which has really helped.  Because of this, I decided to give her a ‘lite’ week this month where she had most of the week off apart from two quick lunges to have a stretch. She came back from this feeling refreshed and ready to work again.

Next month I would like to get a few more weeks of training in but will then give her a couple of weeks of full rest just to give her muscles and brain time to reset. Then we can get back into our training again over the winter months.