In Competition

Whatever your dreams, we want to help you achieve them.

With Off The Track membership, you and your horse are eligible for breed-specific awards in addition to the standard show and competition opportunities.

If you are venturing into the competition arena for the first time, or the first time in a long time, Off The Track membership means that you can enjoy the support of others sharing the same journey.

If you are hungry to succeed in the competition arena, Off The Track Education initiatives break down the barriers of distance, making world-class coaching accessible to local equestrians on a regular basis.

Our event sponsorship package is available to any equestrian activity at any level.

In the Community

Many racing industry participants also keep horses for pleasure riding and companionship. Off The Track community initiatives demonstrate that the people who care for horses during their racing careers, and the people who care for horses when their racing lives are over, are often one and the same.

We acknowledge that having horses is a great privilege only a lucky few ever get to enjoy. Off The Track community initiatives are our way of sharing the experience with those who might not otherwise have the opportunity.