Pringles first beach ride and jump

Training at the start of this last month has been a bit inconsistent due to Christmas, however I feel the little break has done Pringles’ brain and body the world of good as she has come back physically and mentally stronger.

The more cemented and reliable Pringles’ training becomes, the more she is relaxing in new environments and this is definitely showing in how relaxed she is when hacking out. She even coped well when a big friendly Saint Bernard dog came running at us.

After our in-hand visit to the beach last month we are now confidently hacking out along the beach, through the bush and along the road. Watch Pringles’ first ride at the beach:

In our flat work we are working on both our lateral suppleness with some leg yields both on the circle and the straight line, and our longitudinal suppleness with some transitions both within the pace and between the paces.

We even had our first jump this month out at the Huntingfield cross country course.

Pringles had a couple of anxious moments but settled very well in a new group environment for which I was very proud.

I have been researching feeds and I am in the process of transitioning Pringles from Seedhouse build to Hygain Micrspeed. This was the closest feed that I could find to the Build, so far, I have been pleased with the results, but will update more next month.

We are still continuing with her monthly chiropractic work and regular Emmett therapy and PEMF therapy.

I find the use of these three body workers on a regular basis especially in this stage of Pringles’ training helps us pick up any ‘niggles’ before they escalate and help keep her comfortable and able to cope with the increased work load.

Pringles also now loves all sorts of treats. Apples, carrots but her favourite is the Hygain Smoochies.

I’m hoping this next month I will be able to take Pringles to some training days and expose her to more group environments.